Babylon Wailin'

by Cee

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'ATLiens' is one of my favourite albums of all time, so I cut up the two illest joints from it and made them into a new one. This is the first track I've recorded in my new studio in Montreal, and it was dope to be able to speak on some of the shit I've been dealing with in the move from TO to MTL.


released October 29, 2012

Recorded by Cee at Le Studio de l'Ascension, Montreal, Canada.
Mixed, Mastered and Engineered by Notion.



all rights reserved


Cee Montreal, Québec

Cee is an MC from Melbourne, Australia, now located in Montreal, Canada.

Debut album 'This Is All I Know' - Top 10 in Canada & Australia in the iTunes Hip Hop Charts.

Manager/Co-Founder of The Movement Fam.

Co-Founder & Partner of High Season Co., TMF's Management Team.
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Track Name: Babylon Wailin'
[Babylon verse]

I came into this planet crying but I'm finna leave it smiling,
Even though we one in mind, I just believe we all are diamonds,
Tired from the constant climbing, jaded when the love is silent,
Feeling kinda lost at times like all I really got is rhymin',
Dog it's like my life Goliath, drama after problem, fighting,
Tryina minimise the violence, up against the bigger giant,
Shit I take it all in stride and, I ain't never quitting trying,
Man to all the hate I'm blind so ima just continue grinding,
Homie they say the road is long and winding,
But it's hard to keep the faith when music ain't providing,
And I know it's in my heart because I visualise it,
Now I'm waiting on the moment when the shit's arising,
Dog the battle just begun, I feel my faith is sliding,
Though I know it, 'til the end I got the Fam alliance,
I'm looking up and all I'm seeing is my stars aligning,
So I'm hoping, wishing, praying that my destiny come out of hiding, I'm sayin'

[Wailin' verse]

Uh, now my faith is really looking up,
The venues packing out and videos are dope as fuck,
Now it's like the cats who doubted wanna roll with us,
And finally we blessed em with an entrance when the door was shut,
Yeah, lately I could say the struggle hit me,
The job is fucking with my money and my visa finished,
So my girl and I, we strategised,
Feeling like McGill the vibe, so MTL the setting for the business side,
New life, new language, and surroundings gorgeous,
Plus the hustle from Toronto in us, kid we bossin',
Dog we moving at a faster speed,
So with this city, we got the balance that we needing to achieve,
And my dudes, the energy divine,
They say shit happens for a reason, son that ain't a lie,
And mediocrity my greatest fear while I'm alive,
So I gotta fuckin put in work double time, to have em wailin' like